The benefits of collaborative divorce

Collaborative family law new jersey

Is is an unfortunate reality of our society that divorces happen. There are many reasons contributing to this. Changing gender roles in society, more women in higher positions in within the workforce, it becoming acceptable for single parents to thrive, and a host of other reasons. Whatever the reason for it, divorce happens much more often than in the past. For instance, 42 percent of Caucasian women 50 years and older, have been divorced in the past. That is why the benefits of collaborative law NJ residents might now far outweigh those of traditional divorce proceedings.

What is collaborative divorce nj? It is a way to resolve divorce disputes without the intervention of the courts. In the U.S. divorce is governed by the state rather than federal law, so collaborative family law New Jersey can help NJ residents to get an easy solution to their broken marriage. Collaborate divorce involves each party having their own attorney, but instead of meeting in a court room, meetings are held where all the matters of the marriage about to be dissolved can be resolved. The benefits of collaborative law NJ are obvious, peaceful resolutions mean less headaches and bitterness. Not only is this good for the couple seeking the divorce, but also for any children who might be involved.

NJ collaborative law can ease the transition back into single life for both parties. The American Bar Association, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers all have Collaborative Law committees, so this is a legitimate, recognized practice by U.S. law. Collaborative divorce lawyers union county nj are going to help you to settle this matter and move on with your life.

The benefits of collaborative law NJ really come to light when thinking about some of the things that can happen within a marriage that make the couples unhappy. For instance, in seven out of ten marriages, the wife does more housework regardless of how much she might work outside the home. The unfortunate gender roles of the past centuries still show themselves sometimes, but at least now there is an easier, more congeal way to seek a divorce than in the past.

Let the benefits of collaborative law nj work for you.

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